The goal of our science program is to engage students in the process of scientific inquiry, provide a broad overview of scientific content, and encourage an appreciation for scientific careers, thinking, and discoveries.

Our curriculum is characterized by the following features:

  • Investigations that enable students to engage in scientific inquiry and build their understanding of important concepts.
  • Carefully structured sequences of activities that provide students with the necessary support to understand and apply scientific concepts.
  • Integrated learning of scientific concepts, skills, and processes.
  • Assessments that require students to demonstrate an ability to understand and apply important concepts, use scientific tools, and communicate results.
  • The use of multimedia and the integration of technology to provide virtual “field trips”that explore the wonders of the natural world.
  • Instruction that is project based and thematic, such as event-based science and sciences emulations.
  • On and off-site science research-based program coordinated with the National Wildlife Refuge and the State Parks.

Our science program will be offered through the following courses: Integrated Science I, II,& III Curriculum: Science & Technology, Florida Edition (2006) by Holt, Rinehart,& Winston